The Internet has provided consumers with the opportunity to add their voice, and their perspective, to the public sphere to aid fellow consumers with knowledge about products or services they may be interested in purchasing. Consumers can write & submit reviews on company websites, external review websites such as Yelp, and take advantage of Google My Business reviews which can be seen by anyone looking up a specific business on Google. Here are a few reasons why monitoring customer reviews are critical to business owners.

More Likely To Sell Products With Positive Reviews

Skepticism and deceitful shopping outlets have caused consumers to be particularly cautious when buying something online, especially if the purchase carries a hefty price tag; this has put a significant amount of concentration on online reviews and dependence by companies to harness these reviews to close sales. Checking the reviews almost become second nature for online shoppers who rely on existing information to make educated purchases and avoid potential scammers. A customer that is unsure about whether or not to finalize their purchase can find solace and comfort in knowing that many others have also bought the same product and are justly satisfied with it.

More Likely To Have Returning Customers

Online reviews generally concern individuals that have not dealt with a specific retailer or have curiosities about a product/service. Product reviews can be misleading for companies that are selling products they haven’t made, but company reviews are imperative in establishing a trusting relationship with online consumers. There is the star rating which gives consumers an aggregated score to illustrate a company’s reliability and then there are the written comments to provide detailed insight into the company. Positive reviews put a responsibility on the company to live up to expectations, and if they fail, they can expect negative reviews. However, if you can live up to the expectations people have for you, you can expect loyalty and returning customers to support your business.

Improve SEO Efforts

Reviews are an SEO gem and can positively impact an SEO campaign. Google is in the business of making money, and the way they make money is by providing helpful and relevant suggestions to users, for whatever they are looking for. They do not make money by offering poor quality recommendations to users and often use reviews to help back-up their suggestions. Companies that own multiple 5 star reviews will certainly rank higher than companies with 1 or 2 star reviews and that’s why, as a company owner, requesting the help of happy customers to boast about their experience with their company and how appreciative they are of the service they received is imperative to increase web visibility and organic traffic to your website.

Online reviews are an essential facet in the world of online shopping; reviews affect the likelihood of purchases, the possibility of returning customer and can increase your positioning on Google SERPs if you have already invested in SEO services. If you have any questions regarding harnessing customer reviews, handling negative reviews, or how reviews can assist your current SEO campaign, contact Clear Com Media today!

Article Written by David Joy

David Joy is an SEO Copywriter and has been working in the digital field since 2012. He graduated from the University of Windsor with honors in Communication Media & Film.