Google frequently updates their search engine algorithms they do minor updates about 500-600 times a year which is reason enough for an SEO professional to stay up to date with these changes so they can adjust accordingly with Google’s new parameters. What should you do after you discover that Google has changed their algorithm once again? Here are a few things an SEO professional should be doing when they notice Google’s updates.

Notify Your Clients

An algorithmic change can affect current search rankings for your clients. Regardless of the size of the update (whether it be a minor update or a significant rollout), things can change in a flash. Notify your clients and alert them that Google has made some changes and that you are working towards completely comprehending the differences and making applicable moves that will comply with Google’s new adjustment. Keeping your clients in the dark about algorithm changes can get them worried about temporary drops in rankings; however, by informing them immediately, you showcase your professionalism and expertise in your attempts to be communicative.

Examine Current Web Rankings

As soon as you identify that an algorithmic adjustment has taken place, it is best practice to inspect your websites and detect any possible errors that must be corrected. For example, Google will often make minor revisions to their H1, H2, H3 Tags, as well as their meta title lengths; this means that if meta descriptions are too long, they may risk being cut off on Google’s SERPs. Changes can negatively impact current rankings because Google crawlers expect all titles and meta descriptions to be within the parameters of proper length, and they genuinely do not care if you did not know that there was an update to their search engine; this is why examinations of your current rankings on a daily basis are imperative for SEO Professionals.

Keep A Close Watch On Competitors

After Google releases their newest changes, we believe it is in your best interests to keep a close eye on the standing of your competition; this does not just mean, inspect where they are currently ranked relative to your position, but keep a close eye on the content they have on their website. Examine their loading speeds on mobile and desktop platforms and see how fast they fully load. Examine how frequently they are updating their website with fresh content and then cross-examine that with how their rankings have either dropped or increased; this is a valuable benchmark you can use to determine whether or not you need to focus your SEO efforts on a different facet of your website or if you’re on the right track.

SEO is continuously adapting and will forever change as long as search engines like Google maintain their usefulness. To run a successful SEO campaign, you must have a team of knowledgeable and innovative SEO professionals that can quickly solve problems. If you are having difficulty maintaining an SEO client or difficult operating an SEO campaign, contact Clear Com Media today, and we will do our best to help!