The introduction of voice search has grown increasingly more popular with Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana competing for the reign of the most trusted and reliant virtual assistant on the market. Every technological innovation has implications for businesses and business owners; it is viewed as an opportunity to overtake your competition in areas where there are market inefficiencies. Here are a few ways you can utilize voice search to improve brand awareness and visibility:

Improved Featured Snippet Visibility

Position zero on Google is an attractive place for a company to be on Google. The implementation of featured snippets has provided search queries with relevant results which are located in a separate bubble atop the first page of Google, known as ‘featured snippets.’ This gives users direct information without even having to click on a website URL. Google pulls this information from websites based on relevancy, popularity and credibility. Individuals asking their voice assistants questions will often hear them read from these snippets and they may provide you with the citation as well.

What does this mean for business owners?

If you can coherently comprehend how potential consumers vocalize their questions and phrasings, you can better equip your web staff with the information needed to cater to specific issues that are highly searched in your industry, giving you the opportunity to be read aloud by voice assistants on various devices. This aids brand exposure and awareness which is key to company success.

Opportunity To Utilize Market Inefficiencies

Innovation starts with new ideas and the ability to capitalize on those ideas. Getting ahead of the curve will put you in a good position as a company. Statistics are not widely available about how many people are using voice search and how they use it. Much like in the early 2000’s when marketers and advertising agencies were trying to figure out how consumers were using mobile search and the minute differences between mobile and desktop searches, there was not enough volume to predict how consumers were going to use search engines and the phrasings of their searches. As for voice searches, the data is similar in that there is not enough quantifiable data yet for marketers to use it effectively. Getting ahead of the curve is your next step. Depending on the industry in which you work, conduct surveys, experiments, focus groups and discover how consumers are phrasing their searches and the specific keywords they’re using. You can even do this on social media platforms by polling individuals about services they would like to see being made available to them through voice assistants.

Voice Search Optimization should be on every company’s priority list; taking advantages of market inefficiencies can reap the rewards and exposure for your company like you have never seen before. For more information about voice search optimization and how it can benefit your business, contact Clear Com Media today, and we would love to help you out.