As a digital marketing agency, we often run into questions from prospective clients about myths and rumours they’ve heard about SEO and if they are factual. The fact of the matter is, many theories and assumptions are floated around because SEO is a relatively new and relatively complex service. Those who have devised and carried through successful SEO campaigns understand the truths about what makes SEO efforts thrive and genuinely appreciate the benefits of SEO. Here are a few myths that often surround the SEO space and what to believe.

Myth #1: SEO is a Scam

Common misconceptions about SEO is that there is a ruse or a ploy that is presented by web developers to magically have your website appear on the top of google search results. Many feel that if enough people are looking for a specific site, it will be found on Google no matter what, and the truth is, Google takes extreme precautions to ensure that users on their search engine receive optimal search results that benefit their user experience. Regardless of the incoming traffic to your website, if it is not mobile responsive, loads slowly and does not contain elements that Google views as acceptable that you will see a massive decrease in search rankings. Any authenticated SEO expert abides by Google’s principal rules to harness their clients the best possible results.

Myth #2: Spend Less And You Will See The Same Results

Many individuals reach out to us and assume that if they spend less money on SEO services they can receive the same quality of service as if they paid relative to other companies in their industry/region. SEO marketers dedicate substantial amounts of time and effort into each campaign based on the amount of money the client is willing to spend. This effort is allocated to specific tasks which ensure that the website is being maintained daily and that they are compliant with Google’s standards. SEO is like a gas tank for your website; if it’s empty you’re getting nowhere, if you fill up half the tank, you’ll be able to get a little distance before you have to re-fill. But if you invest in a full tank, you’ll get the furthest and not have to worry about that empty tank (at least for a while).

Myth #3: Every SEO Campaign Technique is the Same

Due to the lack of general knowledge behind what goes into an SEO campaign and the work that SEO’s dedicate to mastering their craft, there is the idea that it’s almost like riding a bike, once you know it, you don’t need to re-learn. SEOs are continually adapting to new challenges and scenarios that occur in their field because no website/business is the same and there are roadblocks to face at every turn. They must take into consideration geographic difficulties, hurdles from within specific industries and varieties of websites that require different strategies. For example, a website that does not provide the option to sell and create a cart (e-commerce) will require less on-site meta descriptions than a site that does give that option. Based on those considerations, an SEO professional will need to devise unique ideas to offer the best results.

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Article Written by David Joy

David Joy is an SEO Copywriter and has been working in the digital field since 2012. He graduated from the University of Windsor with honors in Communication Media & Film.