We often come across companies that are interested in SEO services and the benefits of it, but once they hear how much it will cost them, suddenly lose that interest and back out. We understand that many companies do not have the means to support an additional fee such as SEO as they may be a beginning business with limited spendable cash. However, many companies that back out are often large enough to support an SEO campaign but do not see the value in a high-stakes investment. Here are a few reasons why SEO is priced the way it is for individual companies:


The degree of competition that your business faces from rival companies are a huge determiner to how much your SEO campaign is going to cost. If you are selling a product that another company is selling just around the block, but they have invested a fair sum into SEO efforts you may see less of a return in profits and online leads. SEO is all about overtaking your competition so that you are the primary authority for the products you sell in your industry, if someone else is doing a much better job than you, you will see a price hike in the estimation for an SEO campaign.

Lack Of Own Content

If you lack original or unique content on your website, you will have a tremendously difficult time reaching your ideal ranking on Google’s SERPS. You must always be updating your content in some capacity so that Google is aware that are doing your best to provide search users with relative information that they can use and assist them. Updated content can include but is not limited to publishing blog posts, updating purchasable items or services, notifying customers about exclusive deals and promotions and community outreach initiatives. If your website lacks a daily flow of content, Google will assume your site has become stagnant and outdated to the point where they will stop indexing you, and you will undoubtedly fall off their first page.

Damaged Reputation

Many companies have real reviews about them on websites such as Yelp or on their Google My Business page, where individuals can leave positive remarks or scathing reviews that warn people not to shop there. Negative company reviews are one of the first things people check before dealing with a company and can genuinely make a negative impact if a prospective customer reads them and decides to do business elsewhere. These reviews also impact search ranking positioning because Google doesn’t want to be referencing companies to users that many have found to be unpleasant to deal with. An SEO professionals job is to manage these reviews and harness positive reviews to counterbalance the negativity. An SEO professional will also attempt to contact the original commenter and try to make amends with them offline.

To conclude, there are various reasons why an SEO campaign costs a certain price. The pricing determines how hard and how long an SEO expert must work to see the results for a specific campaign. For more information on how pricing is determined for an SEO campaign, contact Clear Com Media today, and we will do everything we can do help you get started on your SEO journey.